Trauma Care

Trauma Healing

Trauma is
not just for people
who have seen war or been in accidents.

More than 60% of adults are suffering the impact of trauma and do not even know it is the root of certain challenges they are facing now at work, in relationships, their health and more. We can help.

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Trauma in Adults

Adulthood comes with its unique challenges. Different people deal with trauma in different ways. Some of the common triggers are being at war, going through financial crisis, heartbreak, bereavement, job losses and the like.

Some of the signs of trauma in adults include anger issues, anxiety, intense stress, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, relationship issues and the like.

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Trauma in kids

Sadly a lot of children suffer from various forms of abuse and end up carrying the impact of the traumas through life. Witnessing domestic violence, national disasters, loss of loved onest, and all types of abuse — psychological, emotional, sexual, and physical — are examples of childhood trauma. The after-effects of trauma that you experience later in life may depend on your age when the trauma occurred.

Some of the signs of childhood trauma includes addictive behaviors, dissociation, attachment issues, challenges in handling conflict, intense guilt affecting self-image and more. We can help no matter the nature of the trauma.

We do both one-on-one sessions and also group therapy.

Trauma can be healed.

Ignoring trauma does not heal it. Let us help!


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